ADA Compliance
The City of St. Augustine remains committed to providing accessibility to all and provides for handicapped accessible parking in the city. For a map of accessible parking locations, Click Here To notify the city regarding accessibility concerns contact Todd Grant, Public Works Deputy Director, Phn: 904.825.1040, Fax: 904.209.4286, Email: You may also write City of St. Augustine, P.O. Box 210, St. Augustine, FL 32085-0210.

Consumer Confidence Report
The City of St. Augustine remains committed to providing clean and safe drinking water. For the previous year's sampling results please click here. To notify the city regarding water treatment concerns contact: Patrick Timoney, Water Treatment Plant Supervisor, Phn: 904.825.1044, Fax: 904.823-2280, Email:; or, or write the City of St. Augustine, P.O. Box 210, St. Augustine, FL 32085-0210.


St. Augustine Police Department


Administration Services Command

The Administration Services Command is responsible for the overall management and supervision of the police department and ensuring that the department's primary focus is the safety of our residents and visitors. The command, under the leadership of the Chief of Police, sets the goals, objectives and priorities of the police department.

Besides providing secretarial support to other commands, the Administrative Services Command oversees the following three divisions:

Communications Division

The Communications Division is often referred to as the 'nerve center' of the department.  It has the primary responsibility of receiving and dispatching emergency calls.  The members of the division also have the responsibility of communications with other federal and state agencies through the National Crime Information Center and the Florida Crime Information Center computer systems. 

Professional Standards Division

The Professional Standards Division maintains all records for the St. Augustine Police Department and oversees Internal Affairs. This division is responsible for maintaining the SAPD's information management system and is responsible for the management, processing and distribution of all paperwork inside and outside the department. 

Training Division

The Training Division schedules and supervises all training events, crime prevention events and manages the hiring process of new officers and their subsequent training. 

Contact Person: 

Commander Stephen Fricke

Phone: 904.825.1075
Fax: 904.823.4323



Community Resource Command

The Community Resource Command involves the creation and delivery of various programs for the public. 

Special Events Division

The City of St. Augustine hosts special events throughout the year which call for management of traffic and the closure of streets.  The Special Events Division is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of those events. 

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit provides control and enforcement measures in an effort to reduce traffic accident related injuries.

Bicycle Unit

This division which consists of four uniformed officers, patrol the downtown area of the city including Lincolnville.

Public Information Officer

Marine Unit  

Community Resources Unit

St. George Street Officer

Patrols the area of St. George St. which is closed to vehicular traffic.

Flagler College Unit

Patrols the Flagler College Campus under an agreement with Flagler College.

Special Response team (SRT)

The SRT is the department's quick reaction force and is trained in responding to dynamic and dangerous incidents.

Evidence Unit

The Evidence Section processes, stores and presents all evidence submitted by members of the department in all court proceedings.

In addition the Community Resource Command oversees the Honor Guard Team and the Traffic Homicide Investigations Team. 

Contact Person

Commander Michele Perry

Phone:  904.825.1073

Fax: 904.823.4323



Operations Command

The Operations Command has the responsibility of responding to calls for service from residents and visitors. 

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is primarily responsible for responding to calls for service from residents and visitors.  The division, when not responding to calls, services the entire city by patrolling their zoned areas. 

Investigation Division

The Investigation Division is responsible for all follow-up and major crime investigations.  Detectives investigate crimes against property and persons and are also responsible for department undercover operations, including drugs, prostitution and theft.  Members of the division have received extensive training in forensics, interviews and interrogations and crime scene management. 

Contact Person

Commander Barry Fox

Phone:  904.825.1079

Fax: 904.823.4323



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