St. Augustine Fire Department

From time to time I see fire hydrants flushing water. Is this necessary?

Yes, for a number of reasons.  The SAFD must conduct the inspections to certify the hydrants are operational, provide adequate water flow, and can maintain adequate pressure. The readings during the testing period are taken and relate directly to the ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating.

What is the ISA rating and how does it affect me as a homeowner?

Insurance companies use ISO’s PPC evaluations as a factor in setting the premiums they charge for property insurance; the better the community’s PPC grade, the lower the premiums the insurance company would charge for property insurance in that community.

How often are the hydrants tested?

Twice yearly.  Notification to all businesses are made by the SAFD.  Homeowners who are less affected by the flushing may notice a slight lowering of water pressure. 

How many hydrants are within the city limits? 

There are 571 water hydrants and are tested twice yearly. 

What is the safety inspection program?

The program allows low risk occupancy businesses such as offices, small businesses and stores to complete a self-inspection of their property.

What are the benefits of the program?

It allows the redistribution of our inspection staffing to larger, higher risk occupancies.  Also, the inspection can be done at the convenience of the business owner.

Can I get the paperwork off the COSA's Web site?

Yes, to download the instructions, click here. To download the form, click here.

While I live in the City of St. Augustine, during hurricane notification, where do I direct my questions?

Hopefully, all St. Augustine and St. Johns County residents and businesses have made preparations for a hurricane prior to any notification.  The SAFD works in coordination and in tandem with the St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management (SJCDEM.)  All news releases are made by both governmental bodies acting together with the SAFD is fully involved with the SJCDEM and its decision making.

In emergencies who do I call?

The SAFD is called through the 911 program.  Calls asking questions about the SAFD can be answered by calling 825.1098.

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