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City of St. Augustine Celebrates

Florida City Government Week

Under previous British and Spanish rule, territorial leaders had recognized local and regional governance, however Florida did not became a state until 1845.  At that time two city charters – St. Augustine and Pensacola – were recognized as municipal governments.

St. Augustine, as one of the two original and first city charters, will celebrate Florida City Government Week October 18-24. 

City commissioners and city officials will be leading the Pledge of Allegiance in local elementary schools during that week.

Local schools participating are John A. Crookshank Elementary School, Jay Willets, principal; R. B. Hunt Elementary, Don Steele, principal; Ketterlinus Elementary School, Wayne Jenkins, principal; and Cathedral Parish School, Janet Morton, principal.

The City of St. Augustine and the Florida League of Cities both want to encourage students to know more about our city through civic education.  Cities are the closest level of government to its citizens.

The Need for Civic Education
Statewide statistics show that 30 percent of Floridians are natives, while 70 percent moved here from somewhere else. This can greatly affect a Floridian’s understanding of state and local government in the Sunshine State.

For most people, their civics lessons were given in high school. Upon moving here, there aren’t always opportunities for new residents, especially adults who are out of school, to quickly learn how their governments function.

City officials can play a great part in helping to educate all Floridians about their governments, and the League wants to help make that happen. Everyone benefits from an informed public.

Florida City Government Week is part of an ongoing effort sponsored by the League to raise public awareness about the services cities provide and to educate the public on how city government works.

Cities provide a higher level of service than most governments, and generally receive a higher approval rate than any other level of government. Unfortunately, many residents are unaware of how city services impact their lives. Through this program, the Florida League of Cities hopes to heighten the public’s awareness of city government’s role in enhancing the quality of life in the City of St. Augustine.

What’s your municipality citizenship IQ?

During his term of office, the immediate past president of the League, the City of Wellington’s Vice Mayor Carmine Priore, launched an initiative to increase Floridians’ knowledge of the working of their municipal governments through a program called Building Citizenship in the Community: Back to Basics.

The multi-faceted program is built to provide educational resources for all age groups on the fundamental principles on which city governments operate. The aim is to increase residents’ understanding and thereby increase their participation and ownership of their local governing bodies.

Whether the audience is drawn from students in elementary, middle or high schools, community organizations, churches, or senior centers, the resources provide a number of helpful tools to develop lesson plans or programs with the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of city government.

The City of St. Augustine encourages residents, teachers, and club program chairs to visit the Florida League of Cities Web site to explore this initiative.

Follow these links for specific information on the program:

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Local Government Vocabulary, click here.

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