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Bridge of Lions reopening ceremony will include The ’27 Club

Drawing selected 27 people to be the first

official group of pedestrians to walk over the restored bridge

In just a few weeks our community will celebrate the reopening of the historic Bridge of Lions and its return to service after over three and a half years of extensive rehabilitation. To commemorate the event, the City of St. Augustine is cooperating with the Florida Department of Transportation, Skanska, and Save Our Bridge to plan a small, yet significant ceremony.

Although the exact opening date has not been determined, expected to be mid-February, 2010, planning is underway for a ceremony that will include remarks by officials, a ribbon cutting, and a procession led by a group of selected pedestrians and antique vehicles. The selected pedestrians, 27 in all and called The ’27 Club because the bridge first opened in 1927, will be the official first pedestrians to cross the restored Bridge of Lions.


Members of The ’27 Club were randomly selected from among 768 entries received. Each entry was assigned a number as received, and the St. Augustine Record, working with the city, generated a random sequence of numbers from which the 27 winners were selected.

The group includes school teachers, rescue personnel, restaurant and retail store owners, professionals in real estate and banking, an elementary school student, a tour guide and others retired from a wide variety of professionals. Ages of the group ranges from 11 to 75 and includes St. Augustine natives and some who have arrived since construction started and have never had the opportunity to experience the Bridge of Lions as a pedestrian. While it is a varied group they are unified in their expressed desire to be a part of this historical event and especially an event surrounding the Bridge of Lions.

The Ancient City Auto Club will participate in the opening ceremony by providing a car from each decade of the bridge’s service starting with the 1920s and continuing into the 21st Century.

The general public will also have the opportunity to walk the bridge before it is brought into full service by switching vehicular traffic from the temporary bridge.

Following the reopening of the Bridge of Lions, the project continues with the dismantling of the temporary bridge and extensive landscaping on both the east and west ends. The completion of the entire project will be marked by the return of the two lion statues from which the bridge gets its name. That is likely to happen late in 2010.

Those selected to participate in The ’27 Club are: Anne Belz, Daniel Carignan, Linda Cronin, Shepherd Curl, Hannah Dompe, Susan Farish, Victoria Gorham, Molly Grossholz, Catherine Hobin, John Hoffman, Patricia Kelbert, K. C. Kramer, Diane Maurno-Lewis, Aubrey May, Evelyn McCann, Marlene Moyer, Margaret Nicholson, Suzanne Nygren, Ed Olsen, Cindy Papajohn, Amy Sams, David Seery, Margaret Spoonhour, Krista Tutor, Richard Villadoniga, Patrick Welch, and Bill Van Zante.

Additional information about the Bridge of Lions’ history and the rehabilitation project may be found at:
The Save Our Bridge -
The Bridge of Lions Rehabilitation Project is at -

Also, the St. Augustine Historical Society’s Page Edwards Gallery currently has an outstanding exhibit on the Bridge of Lions. Visit the Society’s Web site for more information. -

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