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Wade Giddens is Named 2005 Employee of the Year

Wade Giddens, Transmission & Distribution Division Supervisor, has been named the City of St. Augustine’s 2005 Employee of the Year.

An employee with the City for nearly a dozen years, Wade currently manages crews responsible for the construction of all new water and sewer lines and repairs of existing lines, over 600 miles of pipe in all.

The "T&D" Division stays busy with three construction crews, a repair crew and a wash-truck crew representing over two dozen employees. One reason for the busy schedule is the growth within the city's utility service area keeping the construction crews busy with new installations. Another reason are repairs that are a near daily challenge presented by the city's water and sewer system that in some places are nearly a century old.

"The installation of new water lines and sewer lines keeps our crews busy, but it's the kind of busy we can schedule," explains Wade. "But at any minute, when you least expect it, we have an emergency repair and of course that comes first."

‘Then there are the constant surprises," he added. "A crew goes to fix a problem that should take a half day but once we dig and see the situation, well, we may be there for three days. We can’t walk away from a problem. We have to take care of it immediately."

Wade started his City employment as a laborer in the Transmission & Distribution Division, and later moved to the Meter Maintenance Division where he successfully turned it into "a very effective operational division through great leadership and morale building," according to Bob Leetch, Public Works Director and Wade’s supervisor.

But Wade wanted to be out in the field where the action is and was excited to return to Transmission & Distribution as that division’s supervisor. The always-on-call element of Wade’s job was noted by Leetch, when he nominated Wade for this year’s award.

"Wade is one of the hardest workers in the City and is on-call 24 hours per day, seven days per week," wrote Leetch "Wade’s consistent work ethic and dedication to the City is an invaluable tool and allows him to work with the younger staff to teach them all of the qualities of a City employee. I believe he epitomizes the employee and personal qualities that we seek to recognize with this award."

A native of Jacksonville, Wade has lived in the St. Augustine area since he was in the eighth grade and started his employment with the city shortly after graduation from St. Augustine High School. Wade and his wife Wendi, a stenographer currently working with St. Augustine Court Reporters, enjoy the outdoors, especially fishing and camping, whenever they have the opportunity.

Congratulations to Wade Giddens, the City of St. Augustine’s 2005 Employee of the Year.


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