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Peaceful Maria Sanchez Lake

Maria Sanchez Lake
Respite to Walkers and Bikers

Work Continues

Maria Sanchez Lake was created in the late 1800’s from the well-defined Maria Sanchez Creek to its south.  It’s always been a soothing area that many residents in the southern part of the city have enjoyed for more than a century. 

Today in addition to providing a peaceful respite to walkers and bikers who visit its shores, the lake is celebrated for its unique biodiversity in plants and birds.

In the spring of 2006 in a move to improve the health of the lake, the city replaced the manual flood gate, or weir, at the south end of the lake with an automatic, remotely controlled weir. The new system allows the weir’s gates to be operated from a computer terminal located in the Public Works Department at City Hall making reaction time much faster.

The new system also incorporates monitors to measure the water levels of the lake and adjoining marsh, the lake’s temperature and oxygen levels. This data is transmitted to the Public Works Department where it is analyzed and determinations are made regarding lowering the water level or not. The collected data is kept in order to compare events which may affect the Maria Sanchez Lake in the future.

In its first year of operation, the new system has successfully helped staff avert the all too common fish kills.  Also, the lake water level has been automatically lowered during periods of heavy rainfalls to ease flooding on nearby streets.  

Old manual flood gates as shown in a picture dated 2005

New automatic weir system installed in spring 2006

This year, the City of St. Augustine is taking further steps to preserve the lake for future generations by implementing the improvement of bank stabllization and the removal of accumlated silt in specific areas of the lake. 

Retaining walls will be installed along portions of the lake to prevent erosion of the roadway and preserve the historic trees surrounding the water body. The walls will be similar to the existing walls and 2’ high or less depending on the specific area. Native wetland vegetation will be planted to enhance aquatic habitats that will encourage more birds to return to the area.

View of St. George St. from Maria Sanchez Lake

with graphic artist rendering of the retaining wall

Silt will be removed from the bottom of the lake in the northern area and another five areas of the lake where build up has been located.  The buildup of silt and sediment is due to stormwater runoff primarily from the nearby streets.

(To see the aerial work map of the site, click here.)

The work will begin in the near future depending on permitting from the St. Johns River Water Management District.

For more information on either of these projects and to receive a copy of the work map of Maria Sanchez Lake call the Dept. of Public Works, City of St. Augustine at 825.1040.


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