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15th Annual Nights of Lights Began with Light-up Night

Former Mayor John D. Bailey, Sr. Flipped Switch


When the Nights of Lights began its 15th year on Saturday, November 22, it was the continuation of what has become an evening of traditions in this city of age-old traditions, especially for what has come to be called Light-up Night.

It started mid-afternoon as the downtown began to fill with neighbors and friends mingling with visitors from out of town. There was a feeling of anticipation in the air as the streets grew more festive. In the late afternoon the Plaza filled with holiday themed entertainment that drew together the residents and visitors converging on the heart of the Ancient City. Then at 6:30pm, the thousands gathered in the Plaza and spilling over into the streets, all turned their attention to the Gazebo in the Plaza's center where the City's Mayor and other officials stood ready to light-up the city.

Mayor Joe Boles was the first to lead the crowd in the countdown to lighting the city’s tree. From its position of prominence in the center of the Plaza, decorated in traditional style with hundreds of handmade red bows, the tall tree bursts into colored holiday light when Vice-Mayor Don Crichlow and Commissioner Susan Burk, who will retire from the commission after 12 years of service switched on the tree.

Then Mayor Boles, joined by the honorees of the night, the city’s past mayors, asked for the assistance of the thousands gathered in the Plaza. With onlookers of all ages eagerly waiting, the countdown began: "10…9…8…." Then, as all eyes turn towards the ancient oak canopy over the Plaza and the fanciful spires of the City’s skyline, past St. Augustine Mayor John D. Bailey, Sr., mayor of St. Augustine from 1965-67, during the 400th Anniversary of the City, flipped the switch to light the entire City. Instantly, over two million white lights filled St. Augustine's every corner with brilliant and magical holiday sparkle, transforming the Nation's Oldest City into an enchanted city of light.


More than something to see...
Nights of Lights is something to do

There's never a bad time to visit St. Augustine, but there's something special about visiting during the Nights of Lights with continues through January 31. Before the holidays, there are hundreds of gift shops, galleries and specialty stores in which to shop. During the holidays, there's no better place to spend time with friends and family at dinner or a day of sightseeing. After the holidays, many lodging establishments have special rates that make it easy to enjoy the Nation’s Oldest City.

Then there are the events. The Nights of Lights has grown into a two-and-a-half month long festival of activities that keep visitors busy.

Nighttime tours of ancient buildings and inns led by storytellers in period clothing, rollicking train and trolley tours through the narrow brick streets, art walks featuring more than 30 galleries serving free holiday refreshments on the First Friday in December and January, special Saturday night antique shopping events, a dazzling regatta, luminaries in the town plaza, holiday concerts – even a Christmas parade – are among the special events to be added to the memory books of visitors and residents alike.

For a full schedule of events during the Nights of Lights click on the link below.

For complete visitor information for St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & the Beaches, 800.OLD.CITY or visit

Be a part of the Nights of Lights, click here.

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