City Employees Donate to Locks of Love

Four city employees in the Department of Public Works recently had their hair cut as a contribution to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization which provides natural hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children.

Martha Graham, Director of Public Works, Brett Brown, Supervisor of Transmission and Distribution, and Streets and Ground Division employees Vicki Warren and Tammy Douvarjo together contributed nearly five-and-a-half feet of hair. Locks of Love only takes contributions of untreated hair 10 inches in length or greater. Also attending the combined cutting was Jessica Oleshak, Ground Division.  However her hair was one inch too short to make the 10" minimum and therefore didn't participate in the cutting.

The stylists at Salon 192, located in the Riverside Centre, were Lisa Hinson, Megan Shrader and Aimee Martin who donated their time and talent to Locks of Love by cutting and styling at no charge to the contributors.

The idea for a group cutting was Brett Brown’s who was making his second contribution to the charity. He had grown his hair long to play Santa and heard about Locks of Love and contributed his hair in 2008. In mid 2009 Brett decided to grow his hair once again to play Santa then decided to keep it growing until Christmas of 2010 when he planned to contribute once again to disadvantaged children.

He began an effort this past summer to encourage co-workers with long hair to join him in this worthy cause and responding immediately were his Public Works co-workers, including Martha, his supervisor.

Martha hasn’t had her hair cut for the past six years and says her husband really wasn’t too encouraging about the idea, but Martha’s charitable side won out when she agreed to join Brett and the others.

Vicki hasn’t had such a cut since she was six years old. She’s had trims over the years but never 10 inches or more cut at a time. She likes her new cut, she says, but was wondering how it was going to be liked once she got home. “We’ll see?” she said, and “it’ll grow back, I’m sure.”

Tammy had the longest hair also had the most cut, about 14 inches with three separate pony tails. Her hair was past her waist, but she normally had it in braids so many of her co-workers didn’t know how long it was. Once cut, she still had long hair and at home, “no problem” she said the next day. It was the first time Tammy’s had her hair cut since she was 18 except for trims.

Both Vicki and Tammy dedicated their hair cuts to fellow employee Teresa Garris, Visitor Information Center Gift Shop Manager, and the friend of a co-worker, Lynn Rothemund both cancer survivors.

Brett said that during the season, “it was a joy to have the camaraderie of fellow co-workers to join in Locks of Love, such a worthwhile organization.”

Thanks to Salon 192 for their assistance and contribution to the worthwhile cause.

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