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Neighborhoods have new home in City Hall

Neighborhoods are as old as St. Augustine, but a neighborhood office in City Hall is a new idea that is rapidly becoming a reality. The Neighborhood Council Office, or NCO, is brand new but already becoming a very busy place.

The new office, when fully operating, will offer neighborhoods a way to have their unified voice more clearly heard by City government and will provide City officials a way to reach out to a specific neighborhood with information.

But for now, the NCO is a meeting place for the information seeking public.

"The office has already become a gathering place where the public can get information , drink a cup of tea, research zoning laws, or run into a commissioner, said Becky Greenberg, NCO volunteer coordinator, adding "New parking committee members have been regular visitors while researching parking documents."

The new office is also serving as a place for planning the future of the NCO itself. According to Ms. Greenberg, an ad hoc steering committee of interested residents from all parts of the city has been meeting biweekly since the office opened. In addition, the NCO is building a data base of those who have expressed an interest in creating a neighborhood association.

The committee will offer a presentation to the Commission in April that will include a proposed working structure for both neighborhood associations and the NCO and a proposed budget to provide for NCO staff and mini-grants to neighborhood associations.

The physical location of the NCO, the southwest corner of City Hall, has a history of welcoming people and providing information to the public. For many years it was the home of St. Augustine’s USO and over several decades greeted service men and women who were visiting St. Augustine. More than a generation before, when City Hall was the Alcazar Hotel, the hotel’s newsstand occupied the location, sharing the latest headlines for a generation at the end of the 19th century.

The NCO is located at City Hall, 75 King Street and is most easily reached from the Granada Street side of City Hall directly across from the Flagler College auditorium. The NCO is currently staffed with volunteers from 10:00am to 2:00pm four days a week. The office is closed on Wednesday.

St. Augustine’s Neighborhood Council Office

Contact: Becky Greenberg, volunteer coordinator

Mail: Neighborhood Council Office
City of St. Augustine
P. O. Box 210
St. Augustine, FL 32085

Location: City Hall
75 King Street

Hours: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Phone: 904-825-1053



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