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Aggregation ordinance workshop to be rescheduled

Because of the overwhelming response from the public to the invitation to attend the workshop scheduled for April 20, the capacity of The Alcazar Room was greatly exceeded. The City Commission voted unanimously to reschedule the meeting to a later date and after the Aggregation Task Force has had the opportunity to meet and review the ordinance.

Additionally, the Commission may hold a "closed" workshop which would allow the Commission and the Task Force to discuss the proposed ordinance in front of the public prior to holding an "open" workshop which would be specific for public input. When these meeting dates have been determined, they will be announced through the local media and will be posted here.

Note that the Aggregation Task Force's next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 28 at 3:30pm in the de Aviles Room in City Hall.

The following information regarding the proposed ordinance was previously posted.


The City of St. Augustine will hold a workshop to discuss the proposed ordinance developed by the Aggregation Ordinance Task Force that would change how property zoned Residential Family One (RS-1) or Residential Family Two (RS-2) may be developed.

The public is encouraged to attend the workshop to listen to the task force’s presentation and to participate in the discussion with questions and comments. Copies of the proposed ordinance may be obtained at City Hall in the City Clerk’s Office (elevator "B" 2nd floor), in the Neighborhood Council Office (first floor), or by clicking on the link below.

Property owners who are unsure if their property is zoned RS-1 or RS-2 may call the Planning and Zoning Department at 825-1060 or 825-1065.

The proposed ordinance would aggregate, or combine, non-conforming lots in areas zoned either RS-1 or RS-2. A non-conforming lot is simply a lot with a size that is less than what would be permitted under today’s zoning laws. In Zone RS-1, a non-conforming lot is one that is less than 75 feet wide or less than 10,890 square feet in area. In Zone RS-2, a non-conforming lot is one that is less than 50 feet wide or less than 5,450 square feet in area.

The ordinance would affect two or more lots that are adjacent to each other that are under the same ownership in which case those lots would be aggregated, or combined, to comply with current zoning requirements and thus treated as a single lot for development purposes.

The need for such an ordinance was brought to the Commission’s attention by Commissioner Don Crichlow when he presented a draft ordinance in July 2003. The Commission voted to send the ordinance to the Planning and Zoning Board for its review, which it did in September and in turn the PZB requested that the Commission create a task force to thoroughly explore the issue.

The task force was created by the City Commission in October 2003 and following the PZB’s recommendation, was comprised of six members including a representative from the Realtors Association, a member from the PZB, an affected property owner, a non-affected property owner, a city commissioner and an attorney familiar with zoning laws. Soon after its appointment, the task force set about crafting an ordinance.

After over a year of intense work, the task force succeeded in crafting an ordinance which was presented to the Commission by Commissioner Crichlow in January. After reviewing the proposed ordinance, the Commission determined it critical that public input be garnered on the proposal and decided to hold a public workshop for that purpose. That is the workshop slated for April 20.

In its effort to encourage the greatest possible participation by the public, the Commission decided to go to every length to notify the public of the workshop and the proposed ordinance. In addition to notices through the local media, a notice has been sent to owners of property in the city that is zoned RS-1 or RS-2. That mailing is scheduled for early April.

Click on the following links to learn more about the proposed ordinance, the task force and to review minutes of meetings where the ordinance was discussed.

Proposed Aggregation Ordinance

Minutes of Aggregation Ordinance Task Force meetings

Minutes of City Commission meetings where the proposed ordinance was discussed

July 28, 2003: Ordinance originally presented
August 11, 2003: Ordinance referred to PZB
October 13, 2003: Task Force chosen
January 24, 2005: Presentation of proposed ordinance

Minutes of PZB meetings where the proposed ordinance was discussed

August 5, 2003: Proposed ordinance discussed and supported
September 2, 2003: Ordinance discussed, public input received and task force proposed


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