Commission Takes Steps to Meet City’s Infrastructure Need


Last November, the city commission took an important step towards meeting its responsibility to provide a safe and secure quality of life for its residents by starting the process to secure a $22.5 million bond, an investment in infrastructure projects ranging from improved water service to street paving to much needed upgrades for the city’s firefighting equipment.

But after taking an even closer look at the already pared down list of very important projects, as well as the current economic environment, the commission prioritized projects and decided to do some now and some later.

At its February 28 meeting, the commission approved the issuance of $18 million in improvement bonds, a reduction of nearly one-third from the original proposal.

Among the projects now postponed are two much needed pieces of firefighting equipment, a new fire station to replace the 50-year old station on Red Cox Road and reworking the stormwater systems servicing Treasury and Cordova streets to alleviate flooding in that area. There are reductions in wayfinding signage, street resurfacing and sidewalk repairs and the elimination of funds to implement a program to enhance the city’s three entrance corridors, King St., San Marco Ave., and Anastasia Blvd.

Projects that will go forward include the rehabilitation of Riberia St., the dredging work and breakwater construction at the municipal marina, and a long list of water utility projects that will greatly enhance flood control, waste water disposal and the quality of the city’s water delivery systems including work on eight separate water mains on Anastasia Island, Lincolnville, West Augustine and North City.

To see a list of projects to be financed through the bond issue, including those originally proposed and then eliminated before the commission’s final action, click here.

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