Parking Validation Coupons

A Way to Give Back to Customers

Parking, just like anything else, is cheaper when purchased in bulk so the city has made it easier than ever for businesses to make it easier, and cheaper, for clients, shoppers and diners to park downtown.

By purchasing a Historic Downtown Parking Facility (HDPF) validation coupon book, the cost of parking in the 1,200 car facility is just half the cost of retail. The book includes 25 all day (7 a.m.-11 p.m.) coupons and costs $3.75 each. This is half price since all day parking is $7.50. The all day parking is also popular with brides especially, who use the convenience of the coupons for their bridal party.

Another popular validation coupon is for two hour free parking. Shop and restaurant owners find these coupons popular because their customers can easily find a parking space, enjoy a leisurely lunch and/or shop for two hours if free parking with the coupon.

The two hour free coupons booklet cost $26.50 (includes tax) and can be purchased in booklets of 25. The validation coupon for all day parking is also sold in books of 25 and serves up $187.50 (includes tax) worth of parking for the amount of $93.75.

ParkNow Card
The ParkNow card is a prepaid card the size of a credit card which, when purchased, has a one-time cost $2.50 and can be purchased in increments of $20, $50 or $100. The card can be used again after the original amount is depleted once the card is ‘re-charged.’ The card can be used in any designated city parking lot, on street parking or at the Historic Downtown Parking Facility.

The ParkNow card is available at the city’s Financial Services Center, 50 Bridge St., Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

For more information on the coupons call the HDPF at 484.5160.  For more information on the ParkNow cards call the Financial Services Center at 825.1034.

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