Just in Time for Summer!

Joe Pomar, Jr. Recreational Facility Has New Look

When Joe Pomar, Jr. Recreation Facility opened September 1996, the design plan was comprehensive and included a nature trail walk, two gazebos, a playground, restrooms, concession stand and a kayak launch.

However, due to financial limitations, only a portion of the plan was originally completed and that included the Joe James Softball Field and the multipurpose field used for football and soccer activities.

In 2002 the city received a grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) through the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program. The grant allowed the city to build a gazebo and walkway. Both were near the northeast side of the park with the walkway built to a small creek directly west of the San Sebastian River. Also, the parking was increased and landscaping was added. All labor was provided by the City of St. Augustine.

In spring of 2005, the Kids Care Canine Corral, as a suggestion by the Kids Care 4-H Club, was an addition to Pomar Park as the city’s first dog park.

And recently with thanks to a Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program grant through the Department of Environmental Protection, the park is getting closer to completion of the original design of 1996. With a grant from FDEP in the amount of $112,500 in addition to $50,000 from St. Johns County and $37,500 from the City of St. Augustine, Pomar Park has once added improvements.

A kayak launch was built at the end of the walkway to the creek just yards away from the San Sebastian River. Also, restrooms and a concession stand were added. Six picnic tables with concrete pads were added including one which is handicap accessible.  And even more, the drive was extended around the park to end in a cu-de-sac. As funding becomes available, the city will add a second gazebo, nature trail and playground near the cu-de-sac.

The Joe Pomar, Jr. Recreation Facility, located at 1600 Masters Drive, is open during daylight hours.

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