Time for Residents and Businesses to Prepare

for 2010 Hurricane Season

This year the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has designated May 23-29 Hurricane Preparedness Week. 

As with any hurricane season, the need to prepare for the possibility of a storm striking near St. Augustine and St. Johns county is essential.  Click here to go to the NOAA Web site for more information.

The 2010 hurricane season begins June 1, just days away. Raising public awareness and urging every family’s preparation is the goal of National Hurricane Preparedness Week (NHPW) which is held this week May 23-29.  Visit the NHPW by clicking here.

The names of the 2010 hurricane/tropical storms are as follows:

Alex Lisa
Bonnie Matthew
Colin Nicole
Danielle Otto
Earl Paula
Fiona Richard
Gaston Shary
Hermine Tomas
Igor Virginie
Julia Walter

For more information on the naming of hurricanes, click here.

If you haven't yet, plan now to spend part of the days ahead with your family planning for the hurricane season “what ifs.”

Start by visiting the EOC, the Emergency Operations Center, for both the State of Florida and for St. Johns County. Both have information that will be very helpful as you develop your own plan for disaster preparedness.

  • Visit the Florida Division of Emergency Management by clicking here.
  • Visit the St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management by clicking here.

Checking on the Neighbors

If you have a friend or neighbor or perhaps a family member who may need assistance if evacuation is required, make sure they have completed an evacuation assistance request form with the St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management. If the form has been previously submitted and the information is still correct, a new one is not necessary. The form is available by clicking here.

St. Augustine Fire Department has Four Steps to Disaster Preparedness.  Click here to view. 

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