City Recognizes Businesses
for Cardboard Recycling Efforts

In the City of St. Augustine’s continued efforts to recycle, Rick Stevens, Manager of Solid Waste and Sanitation Division of Public Works, recently instituted a business cardboard recycling program.

Solid waste drivers noticed local specific businesses which collected and disposed of quite a bit of cardboard on a regular basis. Some of the businesses disposed of the cardboard with their solid waste and others, because of the volume of cardboard discarded, contracted with a third party to pick up the cardboard at the expense of the business.

Stevens’ solution was to make personal contact with each identified business and encourage those businesses to recycle their cardboard with the City of St. Augustine.

The benefits returned were twofold: The city ‘tipping’ charges, the cost for the city per tonnage of waste, was lessened by the absence of cardboard and secondly, the city was able to pick up the cardboard for a lesser amount than the businesses paid a third party which contributed a savings.

In support and appreciation for their participation, the city recently awarded each of the 22 participating businesses a framed certificate in recognition of their contribution in cardboard recycling program, another effort by the city to move forward with ‘green initiatives.’

The businesses participating are as follows:

Don Clark, Clark Appliances stated, “it took some effort, separating the Styrofoam, plastics and everything from the cardboard, but that verses throwing in landfill, seems to makes sense. We’re all spending a little more money, but we’re recycling!”

For more information on the program, contact the Division of Solid Waste at 825.1049.

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