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Wearing the distinctive blue coats of the 18th Century Spanish Soldier, members of St. Augustine’s Garrison march into place for the Changing of the Guard. The reenactment is held at Government House in downtown St. Augustine on Saturdays through Labor Day at 7:00pm.

Changing of the Guard
A Daily Duty Reenacted

7:00pm at Government House on the Plaza
Saturdays through Labor Day Weekend

Take a moment and step back in time.

It’s a typical day in 1740 St. Augustine. Soldiers guarding the little colonial city are dismissed for the night, but not before their replacements arrive and are ready to take over the duty of guarding Government House, the home of the Spanish Governor and the seat of power.

The commanding officer puts the fresh troops through a rigorous inspection of weapons and equipment before ordering them to take over for the guards already on duty. The retiring soldiers, finished with their duties for the day are ordered to clear their weapons with the command "Disparen!"

The resounding blast of musket fire assures the residents of 18th century St. Augustine that guards are in place and the city will be safe for the night.

Changing of the Guard offers that step back in time.

The weekly reenactment gives viewers the chance to travel back over 260 years and see and hear the simple daily chore of securing the Ancient City for the night.

Changing of the Guard takes place in front of Government House, situated on the Plaza de la Constitucion every Saturday at 7:00pm through September 2. The half hour program is free.

Spectators are invited to take lots of photographs and to remain after the reenactment as participants will answer questions about the life in Colonial Spanish St. Augustine.

St. Augustine was at its height as a Spanish garrison town in the year 1740, so when developing TheChanging of the Guard it was determined to position the reenactments in that year which is the same time period interpreted daily at the City’s living history museum, the Colonial Spanish Quarter Museum and by the National Park Service at the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument.

By providing consistency in the period of history visitors experience at the Castillo, in the Spanish Quarter, and in The Changing of the Guard, visitors have a more complete picture of life in Colonial Spanish St. Augustine.

The Changing of the Guard is produced by the City of St. Augustine with the assistance of the San Agustin Garrison and funding from the St. Johns County Tourist Development Council. For more information, call 904.825.1004.

For more information on other events in the area visit St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and the Beaches or call 800.653.2489.


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