Andrew Young Crossing Dedication Ceremony
set for Saturday, June 11

A dedication ceremony for the Andrew Young Crossing monument will be held in the Plaza de la Constitución on Saturday, June 11 at 10 am. Ambassador Young will participate in the ceremony and the public is invited to attend.

The event commemorates the June 9, 1964 march for Civil Rights to the Plaza and the courageous leadership of Andrew Young and the people of St. Augustine.

Prior to the ceremony, Ambassador Young and others will walk from the Casa Monica Hotel to the site which is located in the southwest  corner of the Plaza.  (This will necessitate the brief rerouting of east bound traffic on King Street between Cordova and St. George St.)

At the request of the City Commission, Jeremy Marquis of Halback Design Group, met with Young then designed the unique sidewalk monument which consists of Young's actual walking gait and words of the event in 1964 which prompted the monument.

City employees who actually built the project are from the city’s Streets and Grounds Division and include Steve Kidd, Randy Layfield, Bobby Mangles, Ron McCall, Mike Partin, Ed Passmore, Dale Tedder, Rodney Tedder, and Ted Sargent.

To view the presentation made by Halback to the City Commission, click here.

Click here to go the Andrew Young Web site.

For more information, contact the Department of Public Affairs at 904.825.1004.

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