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Charlotte Street business owners and residents are joined by city officials for the street’s ribbon cutting ceremony held on July 1.

Charlotte Street Gets Re-Bricked

A little over 100 residents and business owners joined Commissioners on Charlotte Street for a ribbon cutting ceremony marking the end of one of the City’s most ambitious and exciting street rehabilitation projects.

The ceremony was held on Friday, July 1, the beginning of the Independence Day holiday, one of St. Augustine’s busiest holiday weekends.

The rehabilitation project, which included the stretch of Charlotte Street between Treasury and Hypolita Streets, was completed in less than six weeks, an astonishing time frame given the comprehensive nature of the project.

The first step in the project was the careful removal of the Flagler-era brick surface, a distinctive feature of St. Augustine’s charm and historic character. The project included a new storm water system, replacement of the water and sanitary sewer system, new sidewalks with ADA compliance improvements, a widened southern end of the street allowing easier access for emergency vehicles and the installation of new street lighting fixtures with the look of historic gas lights. Then the last two days of the project consisted of restoring the surface with 37,125 bricks including both original century old bricks interwoven with new ones crafted to blend with the original material.

Crews work at amazing speed to lay the last of more than 37,000 brick on Charlotte Street as the extensive rehabilitation project is completed.

Perhaps the most exciting element of the project was the fulfillment of the City’s commitment to retain its many brick streets even when it is necessary to go to extraordinary lengths to do so. With this stretch of Charlotte Street, the city has established a protocol and process for other rehabilitations as the opportunities arise.

Just prior to the ribbon cutting, Mayor George Gardner took time to thank the many contributors to the success of the project including Just-in-Time Material Supply, Perry McCall, Inc., J.B. Coxwell, SESCO Lighting, Sternberg Streetlights, Ameron International Concrete Streetlight Poles, Cash Building Material, Co., Royal Pavers, Carcaba Electric, and Pro-Quality Concrete.

The Mayor also thanked the Charlotte Street residents and business owners for their patience through the six week construction period. Those entities in turn joined the Mayor in praising city staff, in particular the project’s manager Cooper Helm, for the high level of commitment to the project throughout its every stage.

Cooper Helm (right), project manager for the Charlotte Street project is recognized by Mayor George Gardner during the ribbon cutting ceremony.


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