Horse Carriage Ordinance

to be Heard Monday

After Public Input New Ordinance Proposed

Over the past few months, the St. Augustine City Commissioners and staff have worked diligently to update ordinances relating to the operation of carriage tours in the city.

The carriage business, as a tourist business, has a long history in St. Augustine and the city is committed to developing parameters in which the business will continue to operate in a manner that is compatible with the downtown environment.

During a May 24 workshop on the topic, city commissioners reviewed a proposed ordinance, discussed the issue at length, and invited input from the public. City staff was then instructed to meet with the various operators of carriage owner’s in the city to further develop an ordinance.

On July 19, city staff held a public information session during which additional input was received from the public prior to the final revisions being made on the proposed ordinance. That proposed ordinance will be presented to and reviewed by the commission in a workshop on Monday, July 26. The workshop, which is open to the public, begins at 3:30pm and will conclude prior to the commission’s regular meeting at 5:00pm. The workshop will be held in the Alcazar Room, 75 King Street (City Hall).

The full text of the proposed ordinance may be seen here.

For more information on the proposed ordinance, please call the City Attorney’s Office at 904.824.1052.

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