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City of St. Augustine Utilities Director, John Regan, shares information with the public during an open house meeting on the sea wall project in The Alcazar Room at City Hall.

City Invites Citizens’ Input on Seawall Project

St. Augustine’s seawall has been a fixture along the historic city’s Bayfront for generations. In fact, in 1690, when St. Augustine was well over a century old, citizens of the Spanish colonial town petitioned their king for funds to construct a seawall to protect their low lying community from daily tides and frequent storms.

In the early part of the 19th century, when Florida was in its earliest days as a territory of the United States, West Point Army Corps of Engineers completed construction of the seawall south of the current Bridge of Lions. The section of the seawall north of the Bridge of Lions was extended outward into the bay in 1959 when Avenida Menendez, then called Bay Street, was widened to four lanes.

Throughout its long history and various stages of development, the seawall as served the city and its residents well by holding back the sea and protecting property from the eroding elements. But even with its great strength, it has had moments of weakness, most recently in the fall of 2001 when Tropical Storm Gabrielle washed out foundations weakened by previous storms and caused a breach in the wall. Within weeks, City of St. Augustine crews had repaired the wall, but there was the realization that a permanent reconstruction was needed to ensure the seawall service for future generations.

The City submitted an application to FIND (Florida Inland Navigation District) for a grant for the project, and budgeted $125,000 for initial design studies, but first, it was necessary to receive input from citizens as to what they desired in a reconstructed seawall.

On Thursday, May 30, the City of St. Augustine held a neighborhood meeting regarding the future of the seawall to learn what residents of the area considered to be priorities that should be considered in the reconstruction process. Billed as a clean-slate meeting and held at the Council on Aging facility, the purpose was not for city staff to inform the residents of what was to happen, but rather for the residents to inform city staff of their primary concerns regarding the seawall as well as related issues, such as traffic in the area and the possible extension of green spaces.

City staff shared aerial photographs of the area and detailed information on the history of the seawall and offered those in attendance some of the options that might be considered. Nearly 50 people attended that first meeting and working in small groups brainstormed every possible facet of the project. Then, each group identified its priorities and shared them with the other attendees.

The next meeting, held on Monday, July 15 in The Alcazar Room of City Hall, was again open to the public and included time for citizens to view the photographs and drawings and question, one-on-one, city staff regarding the project. Attended by some 30 people, the session ended with a presentation by city staff and a time for questions and answers.

All of the suggestions offered by the public during these sessions are being reviewed as well as input from professional landscape architects and engineers, but no final plan has been determined. There is still time to offer points of view and comments regarding the project by either calling or writing the city or by emailing your comments.

For more information on the project, contact the Department of Utilities at 904.825.1040 or write Seawall Project, City of St. Augustine, P. O. Box 210, St. Augustine, FL 32085 or email with "seawall" in the subject line.


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