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David Snowman named City of St. Augustine’s

2011 Employee of the Year

Presentation just one award for employee recognitions
totaling 500 years of service

It is fitting that a former sailboat captain is the one responsible for ensuring that those who arrive at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina receive reliable and dependable service. After all, who better to know what a boat captain needs than a fellow boat captain, and at the marina, that’s David Snowman.

A veteran of 15 years of service with the city, all of them at the marina, David was recognized for his commitment and hard work when he was named the City of St. Augustine’s 2011 Employee of the Year.

Working as an oceanographer, David gained sea experience traveling throughout the Caribbean and Canary Islands, which served him well later as the owner and captain of the Schooner “Caribee,” a 112 ft charter vessel. In many ways, David’s responsibilities at the Municipal Marina are similar to running a big vessel.

In his current position as Marina Technician, David is responsible for maintaining over 1,100 feet of dock in a harsh and corrosive salt water environment and that is in constant motion and stress from strong currents, waves and wind. Running all through the dock are the same utilities as one expects in a hotel room that must be delivered with equal reliability: water, sewer, electricity, cable television, fire suppression equipment, and fiber optic cable. Additionally, the dock carries diesel fuel and gasoline lines. Keeping it all together and working smoothly keeps David busy.

Yet, while the dock is certainly the primary part of the marina’s facility that needs constant attention, David is also responsible for the city’s newly installed 163 moorings and all the “shore side” marina facilities and grounds.

Delivering all those services in the safest and most reliable manner is David Snowman’s forte, and he does it well. In making the nomination, his supervisor, Harbormaster Sam Adukiewicz, identified David’s system of preventative maintenance and his ability to use skills available with current staff to address projects “in house” thus saving thousands of dollars by not using outside contractors.

“The marina, my staff, myself, and most of all the city, benefits from David’s experience, attitude and commitment year round, every year!” wrote Adukiewicz in his nomination letter.

The award was presented by City Manager John Regan at the city’s annual service awards presentation where, in addition to the Employee of the Year, awards were presented recognizing years of service including two for twenty-five years of service, Kathy Ray, General Services Department, and Donna Thomas, Police Department. All total, 49 employees representing 500 years of service were recognized.

Each department head may nominate an employee for the Employee of the Year recognition, but selection is made by a committee of former award recipients. Other nominees for the 2011 Employee of the Year this year were:

• Meredith Breidenstein, Finance, Budget & Management Department;
• JoLinda Brown, Fire Department;
• Wil Franke; Planning & Building Department;
• Reuben Franklin; Public Works Department / Utilities;
• Michael Linsky, Police Department; and
• Charlene Putz, Public Works Department / Public Works.

The recipient of the Employee of the Year Award receives a commemorative plaque, a reserved parking space for one year, and a retail gift certificate.

For more information, call the Public Affairs Department at 904.825.1004.

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