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Galimore Center grows in use as community center

One measure of success for a program is to determine if it fills a need. So when looking at the numbers of people using the Galimore Community Pool, one has to asks “where did eveyone swim before.”

The pool's a hit!

Nearly 3,000 people have used the pool since its opening on May 25 through the end of June. Even though there was a slow start during the first two weeks with no day having more than 100 users, once the school year ended, mid-week use jumped to over 150 people many days and as much as 200 on several days. The busiest days are generally Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

On the day the pool was opened, city officials and the leadership of the Jacksonville Jaguars made a surprise announcement: the Jaguars Foundation would underwrite general swimming entrance fees for the entire summer. And through a collaborative agreement with the St. Augustine Family YMCA which manages the pool, numerous summer programs are being offered and thus making good use of the new facility.


Center benefitting from attention

And with the increased use of the pool, there is increased interest in the event facilities at the Galimore Center. Judging by the level of regular activities and social events scheduled at the center, more and more organizations, churches, schools and individuals are discovering, or in many cases re-discovering the center’s affordability and flexibility.

The center features two function rooms. The large room will seat 143 people in a banquet style and can accommodate up to 280 people for a stand-up event, such as a reception. The smaller room will seat 30 people for dining and 80 people for a stand-up event. The center also features a kitchen, with ice machine, and restrooms sufficient to accommodate large functions.

As the Galimore Center approached its 30th anniversary, it is continuing its role as a community center in every respect by hosting a family friendly environment and offering a gathering place for a wide variety of organizations and activities.


For more info

To check on availability and to book the Galimore Center and/or te pool, call 904.209.4303 or email

For information on the pool's operation and programs only, contact the St. Augustine Family YMCA, call 904.471.9622 ext 8, or click here.


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