Nights of LightLight-up Night!
set for November 20
A holiday tradition in the Nation’s Oldest City

“Flip the Switch” starts the 17th annual Nights of Lights,

Saturday, November 20 @ 6:30pm

When the Nights of Lights begins its 17th year it will continue

what has become an evening of traditions in this city of age-old traditions,

especially for what has come to be called Light-Up Night!

The city’s historic Plaza de la Constitución is the setting for all the Light-Up Night! ceremonies including the dramatic “flipping of the switch” to kick off the 10-week long Nights of Lights. Mayor Joe Boles will continue a tradition which began 2007 of inviting the all the city’s past-Mayors to the event at with a special ceremony. 

The festivities begin at 4:00pm with a spirited holiday performance by Showtime USA. The high energy, fun filled singing and dancing troupe will perform under the King’s Balcony at the west end of the Plaza.

Then at 5:30pm, the All Star Orchestra returns for an encore performance after an outstanding performance last year. The popular 20-piece band, performing from the Gazebo, will fill the Plaza with great swing music and big band sounds all in grand holiday style.

Light-Up! begins at 6:30pm when St. Augustine Mayor Joe Boles officially opens the ceremonies from the King’s Balcony at Government House followed by the flipping of the switch from the Gazebo, first for the city’s tree and then to light the city.

The most exciting moment on Light-Up! Night and has been since the Nights of Lights began in 1994, is the light-up itself. The honor of “flipping-the-switch” to light the city’s tree and the city has been bestowed upon those who have contributed to the betterment of our community often without recognition. For Saturday’s ceremony, Mayor Joe Boles has named Mrs. Dianne Chase director of Lead the Way Day Care, to light the tree, and former St. Augustine Mayor John Bailey, Sr., to light the city.

In selecting Mrs. Chase, Boles noted her deep dedication and investment in the future of our city through her commitment to the Lead the Way Day Care. A retired educator, Mrs. Chase -- fondly known as “Ms. Dianne,” “Auntie Dianne,” and “Mama Dianne,”-- grew up in the community and is proud of having educated the parents and in some cases the grandparents of the children currently enrolled in the center.

John Bailey served as St. Augustine’s Mayor from 1965-1967 which coincided with St. Augustine’s 400th anniversary. Boles indicated that as our community turns its attention towards its 450th anniversary, it is fitting to honor those who were instrumental in the city’s quadricentennial.

“We are fortunate to have so many people who truly care for our city and are so willing to give of their time and energy to ensure that our children and grandchildren share in the quality of life we enjoy,” said Boles. “As a small token of their great contributions, we are honored to have Dianne Chase and John Bailey launch the seventeenth year of Nights of Lights.”

The Countdown

In keeping with Nights of Lights tradition, the thousands gathered in the Plaza will be asked for their assistance in the lighting. With onlookers of all ages eagerly waiting, the countdown begins: "10…9…8…." Then, as all eyes turn towards the ancient oak canopy over the Plaza and the fanciful spires of the City’s skyline, the moment arrives: "3…2…1!" Light-Up!

Instantly, over two million white lights fill St. Augustine's every corner with brilliant and magical holiday sparkle, transforming the Nation's Oldest City into an enchanted city of light.

Once the lights are on, it’s time to enjoy downtown St. Augustine. With its narrow Old World streets filled with the glow of holiday lights, there is no better opportunity to stroll casually, stopping for dinner or dessert and, of course, some shopping.

The Light-Up Night! Ceremony

The most exciting moment on Light-Up Night! is the light-up itself and has been since Nights of Lights began in 1994. In the early years of the event, governmental officials would be called upon to flip-the-switch, and when George Gardner took office as Mayor, he gave the honor to members of the community he identified as unsung heroes, those who contributed to the betterment of the community often without recognition.

Mayor Boles took the best of both past traditions and created a new one by recognizing those who have given of themselves as public servants to our city but who may have been forgotten. Mayor Boles has invited all former St. Augustine Mayors to join him in Light-Up Night! ceremonies.

Mayor Boles is St. Augustine’s 118th mayor since the city became part of the United States in 1821. Currently there are 13 living former mayors and all have been invited to participate in the ceremony. They and their years of service are: Walter Bugeski (1958-1959), John Bailey (1965-1967), Arthur Runk (1973-1975), Edward Mussallem (1975-1979), Fred Brinkhoff (1979-1981), V. Noel Helmly (1981), Ramelle Petroglou (1981-1982, 1983-1985), Tracy Upchurch (1990-1992), Greg Baker (1992-1995), Len Weeks (1995-2000), Mark Alexander (2000-2002), and George Gardner (2002-2006).

Light-up Night! Parking

Parking will be available throughout the city except around the Plaza de la Constitución. The Historic Downtown Parking Facility at the Visitor Information Center (VIC) will charge a flat, all-day rate of $7, payable on entry. For a map and more information, visit

Streets in the vicinity of the Plaza will be closed after 5:30pm as needed to accommodate pedestrian traffic. Vehicular traffic throughout downtown will be very congested after 5:00pm and through the early evening. Those not attending the Light-up Night! ceremonies may wish to use alternate routes.

Those who make it happen

The City of St. Augustine manages the installation and maintenance of displays at over 100 locations, including buildings, parks, medians and gardens throughout the city, but much credit for the continued success of the Nights of Lights goes to area businesses and residents who voluntarily and at their own expense participate in the event. Because they join in, the city truly becomes a city of light. For more information about Nights of Lights, visit

The Nights of Lights is funded by the City of St. Augustine and the St. Johns County Tourist Development Council. For a brochure on all the activities during the 10-weeks of the Nights of Lights, contact the St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and the Beaches Visitors and Convention Bureau at 800.653.2489 or online at

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