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Fish & Wildlife Commission approves

City's proposed pilot program


When the Florida Legislature wanted to learn more about mooring fields and harbor management needs throughout the state, it turned to those who know the most about our state’s waterways, the Fish and Wildlife Commission. In turn, the FWC reached out to the state’s hundreds of waterfront municipalities and invited them to apply to be one of only five selected to participate in pilot programs to help determine the needs of communities with active harbors.

St. Augustine was selected as one of five municipalities earlier this year and proceeded to draft its pilot program ordnance. If the proposal was approved by the FWC and then enacted by the City Commission, it would be in force until July 2014 when the Legislature would review the programs and identify what might be considered for statewide adoption.

On Thursday, November 17, the City of St. Augustine learned that the FWC approved the city’s proposed ordinance with only one minor change, thus clearing the way for consideration by the City Commission at its December 12 meeting.

The ordinance introduces several elements to the city’s regulation of its harbor, including:

• designates how close to a marine structure, such as a dock, a vessel may anchor;
• restricts where one may anchor in Salt Run in order to protect the area’s shellfish beds;
• designates how close to a mooring field a vessel may anchor;
• restricts where one may anchor in the San Sebastian River to keep the channel clear;
• requires a vessel anchored outside a mooring field be able to get underway with its own propulsion; and
• specifies the length of time an occupied vessel may be anchored inside the city but outside a mooring field.

The only change made by the FWC in its review was regarding to the last point. The city’s proposal would have limited the time an occupied vessel could anchor outside a mooring field to 10 consecutive days in a 30 consecutive day period. The FWC changed altered the time frame to 30 consecutive days in any 45 consecutive day period.

Ordinance 2011-10, the one reviewed by the FWC, was approved on first reading by the City Commission in July (click here to read Ordinance 2011-10 as approved by the Commission). With incorporation of the change made by FWC, the ordinance is expected to be adopted at the Commission’s next meeting on December 12. If passed, the ordinance will go into effect 10 days later.