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Riberia Street Rehabilitation Project enters Phase II

15-month project will focus on Riberia St.

from Bridge St. to Cerro St.

One of the city’s most ambitions public works projects quietly slipped into phase two earlier this spring as the second half of the Riberia Street Rehabilitation Project got underway. It was just a little over a year ago that Phase I was launched with an official groundbreaking ceremony, but for the start of project's second half, the consensus was to “just keep working.”

The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the point where Phase I and II meet, the intersection of Bridge and Riberia. Phase I, which was completed in January 2012, focused on Riberia St. from King St. to Bridge St. Phase II, now well underway, will complete the work south to Cerro St., in the vicinity of the Galimore Center.

The project, more than five years in the planning, addresses a wide variety of infrastructure needs along the Riberia St. corridor south of King St. The list of improvements include: the installation of new storm drains, stormwater conveyance and treatment systems; the replacement of sanitary sewer lines, force main and water main; construction of a new sidewalk along the west side of the street; relocation of  overhead utilities underground in a number of locations; and an overall much improved street with new curbs, gutters, and enhanced lane markings.

Looking at the completed portion of the project it’s easy to understand how the redevelopment improved safety conditions for both pedestrians and vehicles. But the more extensive enhancements are underground. Stormwater system upgrades will alleviate much of the flooding in the area and clean up the run-off that enters the San Sebastian River, and by replacing aging and inadequate waterlines, the level of water quality, pressure and fire protection have been enhanced.


Phase II of the project is expected to take approximately 15 months, so the detours and occasional inconvenience for those using Riberia Street will continue until mid-summer 2013. And while the second part of this important project started quietly, there is certain to be a big ceremony to mark the completion of what is indeed one of the city’s most significant public works projects in many years.

On March 29, city staff held a public meeting introducing Phase II. To view the PowerPoint presentation offered at that meeting, click here.

For more information on the Riberia Street Rehabilitation project, call the Public Works Department at 904.825.1040. To view a printable list of project contacts, click here.

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