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Valencia Street reopens with ribbon cutting ceremony


The conclusion of a nine-month, half-million dollar project was marked on February 1 with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Valencia Street. The project included complete rehabilitation of not only the street surface, and adjoining sidewalks, but also the utilities that lie beneath the street.

“Originally thought of as a four month project, we found as in so many of our projects, we have plenty of hidden treasures under our streets,” said Martha Graham, Director of Public Works. “Though it took longer and was more complicated than planned, we got a real value for this work and kept the costs down.”

With the exception of the sewer and stormwater lining and the final pavement, all the rehabilitation was performed by the city. Phase one, the street between Cordova and Riberia Streets, took close to six-months and over 3,000 labor-hours to line the sewers and storm system, repair manholes and catch basins, replace service lines to the homes, replace the sidewalks, excavate and repair bad spots under the road, and mill and resurface the asphalt.

“It was a lot of work in a small area,” said Graham, adding, “Much of this is due to the great planning and the back breaking hard work from our city as that first phase was very labor intensive.

The project included 1,300+ feet of rehabilitated sewer mains, 2,800+ feet of new sidewalk, 46 new water or sewer services, and probably the most visible enhancement, the 700 feet of replaced brick surface between Riberia and Malaga Streets. Work not performed by the city itself was done by J. B. Coxwell Contracting.

In opening the ceremony, Mayor Joe Boles offered reflections on the importance of Valencia Street, which in the latter part of the 19th Century served as the main thoroughfare between the city’s Flagler-built railway station on Malaga Street to Flagler’s premier hotel, the Ponce de Leon, today Flagler College.

“Today Valencia Street is no longer a primary gateway, but with the work we celebrate here this morning it is most certainly one of our most beautiful streets,” said Boles. “Stretching a simple three blocks Valencia is a model of our city’s mixed-use streets for it serves residents and businesses, serves one of our most prominent religious institutions, and our most prominent higher educational institution. So while it may not be a primary gateway to our city today, it is certainly a primary asset to our city.”

Just prior to the ribbon cutting, Martha Graham took a moment to recognize those city employees who made the project such a successful one:

  • the Project Management Team: Marcus Pinson IV, project manager for the Valencia St. Project and Utilities Plant Engineer; Reuben Franklin, P.E., Project Engineer; Xavier Pellicer, P.E., Engineering Project Coordinator; William Mendez, P.E., Engineering Manager; and Wade Giddens, Utility Field Operations Manager.

  • from the Streets and Grounds Division: Charlene Put, Manager and Daniel Ball, Danielle Borneman, Donald Dennison, Jeffrey Grace, Steve Kidd, Robert Lemke, Bobby Mangels, Ron McCall, Mike Partin, Ed Passmore, Donna Pearce, Marshall Ross, Dale Tedder, Rodney Tedder and Kenny Udell.

  • from Transmission and Distribution: Brett Brown, Supervisor and Kirby Booth,Joseph Davis, Ray Hale, Leonard Smith, Brandon Larson, Larry Moore, Larry Nelson, Mike Porter and Patrick Tipton.

  • from Wastewater Collection: John Ruddell, Supervisor and Wayne Coleman, David Cyr, Oscar Johns and Steve Smith.

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