ADA Compliance
The City of St. Augustine remains committed to providing accessibility to all and provides for handicapped accessible parking in the city. For a map of accessible parking locations, Click Here To notify the city regarding accessibility concerns contact Todd Grant, Public Works Deputy Director, Phn: 904.825.1040, Fax: 904.209.4286, Email: You may also write City of St. Augustine, P.O. Box 210, St. Augustine, FL 32085-0210.

Consumer Confidence Report
The City of St. Augustine remains committed to providing clean and safe drinking water. For the previous year's sampling results please click here. To notify the city regarding water treatment concerns contact: Patrick Timoney, Water Treatment Plant Supervisor, Phn: 904.825.1044, Fax: 904.823-2280, Email:; or, or write the City of St. Augustine, P.O. Box 210, St. Augustine, FL 32085-0210.

Visioning 2014 & Beyond resources

There are many documents that may be of interest and very helpful to those who wish to participate in Visioning 2014 & Beyond, St. Augustine's visioning project. The following list is being continually updated as additional resources are identified.

Visioning related meetings

  • Steering committee workshops are held from 3:30pm to 5:30pm in The Alcazar Room, City Hall, 75 King St. and are open to the public.
  • The Town Hall meetings are held from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Willie Galimore Center, 399 Riberia St. and are open to the public.
  • To see a schedule of upcoming the Steering Committee meetings and information on past meetings click here.

General visioning resources

Base line data for long term visioning

Pulling data from a number of sources, city staff developed this document as a reference guide to use in the city's visioning initiatives and future planning.

To read the document, click here.

Ft. Lauderdale Visioning program

Earlier in August 2014, Commissioner Roxanne Horvath had an opportunity to visit the City of Ft. Lauderdale and discuss the municipality’s extensive experience with its visioning initiative.

To read here report, click here.


Visioning 2014 & Beyond community survey

Nearly 500 respondents to a community survey conducted in early July 2014 provided the basis for the steering committee's initial work to identify visioning goals.

To see the results of the survey, click here.


Descriptors & Scenarios

Following the community survey, the steering committee hosted a town hall meeting to discuss the survey with members of the community and give then the opportunity discuss the results among them selves. At the conclusion of the meeting, attendees were asked to use color coded stickers on posters to indicate their favorite descriptor, and their favorite and least favorite scenario.

To see the results of the survey, click here.


1995 St. Augustine Vision Planning Project



Strategic Planning Library

Listed in chronological order, the links below are to reports and studies that may be helpful resources to those interested in Visioning 2014 & Beyond. Thank you to the University of Florida Historic St. Augustine for assistance in gathering these documents in digital format.


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