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New bicycle parking areas installed and others

upgraded to serve current and growing needs

See links below for locations of bicycle parking areas

In recent weeks, the city's Streets and Grounds Division has added new bicycle parking locations and have upgraded others throughout the city.

The goal of this continuing expansion of bicycle parking is simple: to serve the growing number of current bicyclists, and to encourage more bicycling, especially during the city’s many special events. Additionally, by providing parking locations, it is hoped that bicyclists will refrain from parking on private property or along the right-of-way using street signs and other fixtures which often block sidewalks.

All of the new parking racks are not the old familiar tire-holder model, which does not support the bicycle properly, but rather are the post-and-ring design recommended by the 2011 St. Augustine Bike Plan compiled by the North Florida TPO and Sprinkle Consulting. The Historic Architectural Review Board approved the design of the parking racks as a component of the new Historic Downtown Streetscape Guidelines.


Bicycle Parking Locations

The new bicycle parking rack locations are:

  • two at the eastern entrance to the Visitor Information Center (map);
  • three in Gibbs Park, at the southeast corner of the Bridge of Lions, just north of the carpet golf facility (map);
  • one in the park on the east end of the Bridge of Lions in Davis Shores Park (map);
  • three at Davenport Park (map);
  • one at the St. Augustine Police Station (map); and
  • two between Swing Park and the adjacent tennis courts (map).

Bicycle parking locations that were upgraded by replacing the older “wheel-bender” racks with the new post-and-ring style are:

  • seven at City Hall, three at the front entrance and four at the Granada St. entrance (map);
  • four at the northeast corner of the Plaza de la Constitución (map); and
  • two at the city’s Financial Services Office at 50 Bridge St. (map).

The older style racks were not discarded but were relocated to areas that needed parking, including:

  • Lighthouse Park near the restrooms (map);
  • the Galimore Center at the pool entrance (map); and
  • near Francis Field on the north side of the Ketterlinus gym (map).

The first five new parking areas, installed last November are:

  • two on Cordova St., one adjacent to the Grace Methodist Church parking lot (map) and the other adjacent to the Tolomato parking lot (map);
  • one in the Toques Pl. parking lot (map);
  • one on Treasury St. near its intersection with Spanish St. (map); and
  • one Spanish St. near its intersection with Hypolita St (map).


Temporary Bicycle Parking

In addition to the dozens of permanent bicycle parking locations recently installed or upgraded, the city is also making temporary bicycle parking areas to accommodate spectators during many events that cater to a large local audience, such as the St. Augustine Christmas and Easter Parades. While these events draw many visitors, they also draw large numbers of residents who live within bicycling distance. The hope is that residents will choose to bicycle the event rather than drive, especially given the necessary closed streets and parking restrictions the event requires.

For these two events, the temporary bicycle parking areas are:

  • in front of City Hall at 75 King. St. (map) and
  • on the northeast corner of Orange and Cordova Sts. (map).

The temporary parking areas will accommodate approximately 250 bicycles and is free.

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