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State support for city’s historic preservation

projects looks promising

Three projects stand to net $225,000

from Florida’s Department of State

Seeking support for historic preservation projects is a little like stitching together a patch quilt of funds from many sources, and in Florida one of the most important sources is the Department of State’s Division of Historic Resources.

While its applications involve a lengthy online form with required attachments and the process is competitive, securing support brings benefits in the form of both financial support and the affirmation that the project is seen as valuable by the state’s leading preservation authorities.

The city recently received both those benefits when word was received that its three applications presented in September for the Small Matching Grant cycle were recommended for full funding securing $225,000 in support. The projects include one structure, the St. Augustine Waterworks Building/Depot Site, and an archaeological documentation project and an architectural survey with mobile website.

The two-day review process in Tallahassee included a discussion of the 67 applications by a panel that then ranks the projects. Then the Legislature’s appropriations will start at the top and work through the list until all money is spent, hence the importance of a high ranking.

The city’s three projects did very well with the archaeological documentation and survey projects each being ranked number two in their categories, and the Waterworks Building/Depot site being ranked number 33. Each of the three grants, one of which requires matching funds, will be part of the Division of Historic Resources budget considered by the Florida Legislature in the Spring of 2014. If approved, the funds would become available in the fiscal year beginning July 2014.

Additionally, the Florida National Register Review Board meeting in Tallahassee last week advanced the nomination of the Waterworks Building as presented by Paul Weaver to the Keeper of National Register in Washington, D.C., the next step towards the building being placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In attendance at the meeting with Weaver were St. Augustine Vice Mayor Nancy Sikes-Kline and Historic Preservation Planner Jenny Wolfe



St. Augustine Waterworks Building/Depot Site

The St. Augustine Waterworks Building/Depot site in Davenport Park at San Marco Ave. and May St., was most recently used by the St. Augustine Garden Club. The proposed project funds include $50,000 from the state and a $50,000 value match from the city to be used for stabilization and repair of two brick walls, archaeological research including ground penetrating radar, and removal of non-significant features of the interior. This project will create a partnership to achieve the $25,000 in-kind services for a portion of the match requirement, while the other match is a cash match condition of the grant.

Contributing to the successful review of this application was the volunteer time of local contractor Elaine Darnold and an in-kind match commitment by the Florida Public Archaeology Network. Previous work and research by architect Dave Mancino and the preservation conference charette led by Rick Gonzalez and Ramon Trias on behalf of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation have already contributed information and stimulating ideas for future use of the building and site.

Archaeological documentation and survey project/mobile website

One of the archeological related grants will provide $75,000 to catalogue the inventory of archaeological projects in the St. Augustine Historic District using the state master site file database. This state solicited grant project seeks to record these sites on their database so the information is available for research to qualified users as they recognize the unique significance of this information.

The other grant, for $50,000, will support an architectural survey in the Davis Shores/Anastasia Island area, the one area of the city not surveyed since the first architectural survey in the 1980s. Once that survey is complete, all of the historic structure forms in the city will have been collected, digitized and formatted for access via a mobile website and available to the public. Until now, the only access to the historic structure forms has been to individually request the information by email or in person at the city’s Planning and Building Department or at applicable state offices in Tallahassee. The mobile website will be used by researchers, property and business owners, and realtors, as well as visitors and heritage tourists.

City staff consulted with the project team for the University of Florida’s “Unearthing St. Augustine” grant to develop a successful strategy for the mobile website component because of its similarity to the technical aspects of their current grant. The UF team was an asset to that grant application and the City intends to continue working with their team on this aspect.

For more information on the grants and the city’s success, contact Jenny Wolfe, Historic Preservation and Special Projects Planner at 904.825.1065.

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