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Public urged to Get a Plan!

Start of hurricane season is time to prepare

Click here to listen to The Break Room interview with Mike Arnold, City of

St. Augustine Fire Chief and Emergency Manager regarding hurricane preparedness.

June 1 may be the official start of hurricane season, but this year the season got started a little early with two storms, Alberto and Beryl, already making their presence felt along the nation's east coast. So perhaps the first two storms were not-so-serious, but were certainly enough of a reminder of the need to prepare for the possibility of St. Augustine and St. Johns County being effected by a serious storm.

May 27 through June 2 is National Hurricane Preparedness Week, a time dedicated to raising public awareness and urging every family’s preparation for weather related emergencies. The week's message is important enough to merit a special proclamation by President Obama.

This is a very good week for reviewing your family's and business' plan of action in the event of a serious storm. FEMA has an excellent web site covering information about a variety of possible national disasters including hurricanes that provides a great deal of helpful checklists, sample lists of preparedness kits contents, and an easy to complete and share Family Communications Plan. The site is at

It is also very important to familiarize your self with the closest-to-home resources available during a storm emergency. Start by visiting and bookmarking the the web site for the St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management. The site provides a vast amount of information regarding preparedness and, specific to St. Augustine and St. Johns County, instructions for evacuations including a tool to locate the closest evacuation route according to your address and the locations of shelters and those designated as pet-friendly.



One of the most important close-to-home storm duties is checking on neighbors. If you have a friend or neighbor or perhaps a family member who may need assistance if evacuation is required, make sure they have completed an evacuation assistance request form. The St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management web site has forms available that may be submitted on-line printed, completed and mailed.

In the event of a storm emergency, the City of St. Augustine works in cooperation and in tandem with St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management to provide the most updated and specific information for its residents. St. Augustine Fire Department, the point team for the city's emergency operations during a storm, prepared an easy to read and comprehensive checklist, Four Steps to Disaster Preparedness, that is perfect for sharing at the office or school or posting on an office or recreational room bulletin board.

Of course, the Florida Division of Emergency Management's web site is an essential one for following any storm emergency activities in the state, and like other sites, has a wealth of lists and links for additional information. In remarks announcing the start of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, Director Florida Division of Emergency Management Director Bryan W. Koon made a simple plea: "I urge all of Florida’s residents and visitors to go to to Get A Plan!, as preparedness now can save lives and property later.”

Good advice that if followed today is likely to make tomorrow much safer.

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