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Essential part of sanitary sewer system

installed and working successfully


One of the major public works projects underway last spring, as reported in a story on this web site, was the installation of two lift stations on Anastasia Island. Just a few weeks ago the work on lift stations #51 and #52 were completed and both are online and working perfectly.

The two lift stations are located on the south side of Anastasia Blvd., one designated at #51 is on Coquina Ave. near Arricola Ave. and the other designated as #52, is at Arredondo Ave. and Arricola Ave. The project, costing a little over $719,000, was one of the many projects financed through the issuance of $18 million in improvement bonds approved by the City Commission in February 2011.

These lift stations, as did their predecessors, perform essential functions in the city’s sanitary sewer system. Sewer pipes are installed on a slight incline so that when raw sewage leaves a home or business, it flows away. But at some point, especially where there is such little elevation as there is in St. Augustine, large pumps called lift stations are employed to move the material along to the treatment plant, in this case on the southern end of Riberia Street. Old stations #51 and #52 had been in service for over half a century, and because of substantial deterioration and their antiquated monitoring equipment, were no longer capable of meeting current demands.


These new lift stations will continue to serve all of Davis Shores as did their predecessors, but with increased capacity and remote digital monitoring to keep track of their performance, especially critical during a weather emergency.

One comment heard often is that the new structures are much bigger and more visible than the previous ones. The old facilities were designed to have its electrical and monitoring equipment below ground in a vault making it difficult to monitor equipment or perform needed maintenance especially during an emergency. The new design has essential equipment above ground to all a safer and more accessible area to work. But even with their increased presence, the facility is less noticeable because of the fencing and landscaping installed when the project was complete.

The Public Works Department crews working on the project were most appreciative of having an excellent contractor in G&H Underground Construction, Inc., who were able to both complete the project 45 days ahead of schedule and stay under budget. Additionally, the design work for the project was completed with in-house engineering staff, in particular, Marcus Pinson. By designing the work in-house, the city was able to save well over $70,000 in design fees.

For more information on this project, contact Marcus Pinson, Utilities Engineer, Public Works Department at 904.209.4278

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