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New rating moves SAFD into the top 1.3%

of departments nationwide

When St. Augustine Fire Chief Mike Arnold was appointed to his position some seven years ago one of his priorities was to ensure that the city’s Public Protection Classification (PPC) issued by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) remained at a Class 3 and that steps be taken to raise that rating to a Class 2. During the December 9 City Commission meeting Chief Arnold reported that the goal has been accomplished.

The ISO PPC rating is from Class 1 to Class 10, with one being the best and St. Augustine’s fire department maintaining a Class 3 rating for over a decade. The impact of a higher reclassification, according to the ISO, is that most insurers use these classifications for underwriting and calculating premiums for residential, commercial and industrial properties. The rating is derived from a multi-point audit requiring the compilation of a great deal of date.

To put the new classification in perspective, of the 47,000 fire departments in the nation, a Class 2 rating places the St. Augustine Fire Department among the top 1.3% departments in the nation.

The extra challenge for the St. Augustine Fire Department for this audit was that the department was notified in June of an audit in September based on new requirements that would not be implemented until July. It meant a lot of fast work from a lot of people to provide all the data necessary for the audit.

“We finished all the requirements just hours before the start of the audit and were prepared with all the necessary data, reports and related maps,” said Arnold. “During the audit, we pulled together representatives from the fire department, the public works department, St. Johns County Fire Rescue and City Manager John Regan to be on hand to answer questions.”

But this achievement was more than just compiling an audit report, according to Chief Arnold.

“Over the past few years there have been many improvements made through the cooperation of other city departments including the installation of new water lines, the new 800 mhz radio system, improved dispatching systems, inter-local agreements with St. Johns County and a lot of training, planning, inspections and investments in new equipment,” said Arnold.

In his remarks to the Commission, Chief Arnold thanked the many people wo helped  pulling together the vast amount of information required for the audit, including

  • Reuben Franklin, Project Engineer, Wade Giddens, Utility Field Manager Manager, and their staff from the Public Works Department who compiled flow test data;
  • John Ruley, St. Johns County Fire Rescue and the county's GIS Department for the necessary maps and related data;
  • Gia Raynolds, St. Johns County Fire Rescue dispatch coordinator for gathering dispatch data the audit required, and
  • his own team in the St. Augustine Fire Department including JoLinda Brown, Administrative Coordinator, Chris Pacetti, Firefightner/Engineer and all the firefighters who prepared pre-fire plans and collected and logged reports on training hours and equipment inventory.

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