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Herschel Shepard receives the de Aviles Award

The de Avilés Award is presented only by the city commission and only once a year. For 2012, that presentation was on Monday, March 26 when the commission recognized Herschel Shepard as the 30th recipient of the prestigious de Avilés Award. The presentation was made early in the commission’s regularly scheduled meeting.

"The city we have today, we have because of the untiring, focused, skilled and passionate work of historic preservationists," said Mayor Joe Boles in making the presentation to Shepard. "Tonight we recognize and thank one of those historic preservationists whose extraordinary work on behalf of our city is, in very large part, the reason we have the city we have today."

A renowned architect, Shepard has devoted much of his career working in Florida and much of it in Northeast Florida, including St. Augustine. Specializing in historic preservation, Shepard’s credits include the restoration of the Historic 1902 Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee and the Florida Theater restoration in Jacksonville and dozens of other properties in communities throughout the state. His nationally recognized expertise in historic preservation has served many Florida communities during his career, and certainly none more so than St. Augustine.

"No two buildings are alike and with each project Herschel has tackled, he has done so with fresh eyes and a renewed since of wonder and discovery to know more about both the buildings and the builders," said Boles. "Herschel’s work does not 'just' give us a city that looks as it does; he has given us the opportunity to know more about who we are by better understanding those who lived and worked here, in these buildings, before us."

"Our community has the responsibility to learn what life was like here yesterday so we can share that story today and tomorrow," said Boles, adding "and it is through the buildings we preserve that we may tell that story with honesty and accuracy. Hershel Shepard, through your commitment to our city and its history, we thank you for helping us tell our story."




Shepard’s work in St. Augustine has contributed to the preservation of many of the city’s most prominent structures, including the Acosta House, the Joaneda House, the O'Reilly House, the Tovar House, Avero House at St. Photios Shrine, the de-Mesa Sanchez House, the Gonzalez-Alvarez ("Oldest") House, Ximenez-Fatio House, the Castillo de San Marcos, Government House, the Alcazar Hotel (City Hall/Lightner Museum), and most recently the city's seawall restoration project.

 After two decades of his first career as an architect in his native Jacksonville, Shepard started a second career as a professor of architecture at the University of Florida where he held the Bienecke-Reeves Distinguished Chair in Architectural Preservation. The recipient of many awards for his work, Herschel is an advisor emeritus of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and a founder and director of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

The de Avilés Award was initiated by the commission in 1988 and since 2002 has limited recipients to one per year. The guidelines specify only that the recipients be those who are, “...identified in the field of public service or those well-known and respected by the citizenry who have dedicated and honorable service to the community of St. Augustine and St. Johns County.”

For more information on the de Aviles Award and the city’s other honorary award, The Order of La Florida, including rosters of recipients of each award, click here.

For more information about the presentation, contact the Public Affairs office at 904.825.1004 or at

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