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Downtown Development District

brings new look and enhanced services to

Spanish, Hypolita and Treasury Streets



Project Update

April 16 - Construction to commence on April 21

The announcement was made today that construction related to the Downtown Improvement District will begin on Monday, April 21 which will necessitate to closure of Hypolita St. between Charlotte St. and St. George St.

     Among the initial work by the contractor, J.B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc., will be: securing the laydown, or construction storage area, within the Toques parking lot; set up the maintenance of traffic plan and the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for phase 1; and layout the pedestrian access route.

     The existing sightseeing vehicle stop at St. George St. and Hypolita St. will be relocated to the corner of Cordova St. and Hypolita St.

     A ceremony marking the project’s commencement is tentatively planned for Monday, May 12 with details to follow.

April 10 - Additional open houses

The city hosted two open houses in the past week regarding the Downtown Improvement District project.

     The first one, held on Thursday, April 3, was specifically to meet with operators of businesses that frequently need to access the project's area for deliveries in order to familiarize them with the project.

     The second one, held last on April 9, offer the public the opportunity to meet the project’s contractor, J. .B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc., and to have remaining questions addressed prior to the start of construction

January 21 - Open house report

The city hosted an open house on January 21 regarding the Downtown Improvement District project that offered residents and businesses the opportunity to meet with the design team and city staff regarding the project.

  • To see the PowerPoint presentation offered at the open house, click here.
  • to read the minutes of the open house, click here.


DID Project Information Resources

Project Schedule

February 12
Construction Bid Opening
February 24
Commission 1st Reading
March 10
Commission 2nd Reading
April 21
Begin Construction
April to 2014 - early 2015
Construction (Phased)
April 21, 2015
Substantial Completion

MOT Plan

A Maintenance of Traffic Plan (MOT) is a carefully designed plan that will minimize disruptions in normal traffic flows while also allowing work to continues at a steady pace towards an on-time completion. The maps below illustrate the overall MOT as well as the changes in each stage of the project. For questions regarding the MOT, contact the Public Works Department at 904.824.1040.



Get to know the DID

Downtown Improvement District Project is a long time in the making

Since the 1995 Visioning Plan, the City of St. Augustine has been focused on improving streets in the historic core with the ultimate objective being to make the City more walkable while preserving and enhancing our historic character.

In 2009, a major step forward was taken toward achieving this objective as a grassroots union of stakeholders, business owners, and property owners led to the revitalization of Aviles Street, one of the original streets in the St. Augustine original 16th century town plan.

In 2012, a group of business and property owners along Hypolita and Spanish Streets united to develop a concept for an improved western entrance to the historic core. This concept was presented to the City of St. Augustine, and on October 14, 2013 the City Commission approved final design documents to be produced for the project.

The project is estimated to cost $2.7 million for all of the proposed improvements. Surface improvements ($1.5 million of the $2.7 million total) will be split 50/50 between the City and the property owners lining the improved streets, not to exceed $750,000. The current assessment is estimated at $1.17 per foot of frontage per month for a 15-year.



Commitment to work with those who live and work in the area

The Public Works Department and its design team is committed to coordinating closely with the residents, business owners, and property owners in the construction zone throughout this significant project. A phased construction plan is currently in development, along with appropriate maintenance of traffic plans with a commitment to carefully coordinate the work to ensure pedestrian access and deliveries are maintained throughout the construction period. Work is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2014.


What's included in the project

The project is redesigning the street to function better above and below ground. Improvements and rehabilitation includes:


Vehicular cartway: genuine clay bricks**

Curb: flush, coquina concrete**

Sidewalks: ADA-accessible, coquina concrete**

Street Lights

Fixture type: 4-sided colonial**

Light source: energy efficient LED light source, warm light color
Height: pedestrian scaled, 12’ mounting height

Street Trees

Trees: palms along Hypolita and Spanish Streets**

Site Furniture


Trash & recycle receptacles

Bike racks

Upgraded Utilities


Sanitary sewer


TECO gas lines

FPL upgrades (as needed)

AT&T upgrades (as needed)

Comcast upgrades (as needed)

(** indicates item based on historic precedent)


For More Info

For more information on the Downtown Improvement District Project, contact Reuben Franklin at the City of St. Augustine's Public works Department at 904.825.1004 or email


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