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Stormwater Utility Fee Update

     Frequently Asked Questions

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Starting in April 2014 the City of St. Augustine will adjust its stormwater utility fees as a result of a review and update of the current billing structure. Customers will notice a change in their fee, which is proportional to the actual impervious area of your property. See rate cart below.

Small home - impervious area less than 1,444 sq-ft
$ 3.64/month
Average home - impervious area between 1,444 and 4,400 sq-ft
$ 7.00/month
Large home - impervious area greater than 4,400 sq-ft
$ 11.20/month
Multifamily unit - condos, apartments, duplex, etc.
$ 2.66/month
Mobile home
$ 5.95/month
Non-residential customers
$ 7.00/billing unit/month

As the program is initiated, there may be many questions from the community. Here are some that are asked most frequently.

What is the reason for the update?

The city implemented the original utility in 1993 using State of Florida standards commonly used at that time. Based on current available information it is now possible to consider the specific characteristics of St. Augustine residences and businesses. The objective of the update is to increase fairness to individual customers.

Why does the city need a stormwater fee?

The city is required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to maintain the stormwater system according to national standards, which include the construction and maintenance of its stormwater infrastructure. The cost of new projects, city labor, equipment, and administration has been funded by the stormwater utility fee since 1993.

What is an impervious area?

An impervious area is defined as the surface within the parcel that does not allow soil infiltration to occur, and includes roofs, driveways, patios, sidewalks, and paved areas. There is a direct relationship between the amount of impervious area and the runoff generated by a parcel, therefore this area is a common basis for the establishment of a stormwater utility user fee.

What is an SFU?

The city hired a stormwater consultant who evaluated a sample of residential homes in St. Augustine with the use of the latest aerial imagery, assessor’s data and computer geographic systems. The analysis determined that the Single Family Unit (SFU) is equivalent to 2,752 square feet which includes roofed structures, driveways, decks and paved areas.

I think my fee is incorrect: what should I do?

Remember that you need to consider driveways, patios, paved parking areas, and other impervious areas to estimate your fee. If you still feel that your fee needs an adjustment, please complete and submit the Adjustment Request Form.


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