The 1995 St. Augustine Vision Planning Project

In 1995, the 10 planning element committees were each charged with addressing a specific topic. Each committee had a chair and a facilitator who in turn served on an overall steering committee. The number of members on each committee varied with Arts and Culture having the most members at 35, but the average number being about 20 members.


The 1995 project committees were:

Arts and Culture,

Economic Development,



Historic Resources,

Pedestrian/Vehicular Traffic Systems,

Public Safety,


Residential/Housing, and

Tourism/Visitor Management.

Each committee developed its own topic related vision statement, identified objectives related to the topic and then specific strategies related to each objective. For instance, the Historic Resources committee identified thirty-three strategies needed to achieve its four objectives. All total, the project developed over 200 specific strategies, some to be achieved by government, and many others by community organizations working alone or with government.

To view a copy of the 1995 St. Augustine Vision Planning Project's final report, click here.

Vision project updates - 1996 and 1998

A year after the 1995 Vision Planning Project report was presented to the commission, city staff provided a progress report to the commission noting that in just a year, 52%, or 101 of the 194 strategies identified as the city’s responsibility, had been completed. In a subsequent progress report two years later in January 1998, city staff reported that of the strategies assigned to the city, 81% were completed and of the overall vision plan three-quarters of the proposed actions been accomplished with many of the remaining strategies simply not being feasible or being outside of the city’s control.

A review of the three documents, the original 1995 report and the two subsequent progress reports, makes it clear that the visioning initiative brought together a great many members of the community from diverse backgrounds a with wide range of experience to work on a single goal: mapping out a better tomorrow for St. Augustine.

To view the Vision project updates, click the links below:

1996 Update

1998 Update


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