ADA Compliance
The City of St. Augustine remains committed to providing accessibility to all and provides for handicapped accessible parking in the city. For a map of accessible parking locations, Click Here To notify the city regarding accessibility concerns contact: Will Franke, Building Official, Phn: 904.825.1065, Fax: 904.209.4335, Email:; or Todd Grant, Public Works Deputy Director, Phn: 904.825.1040, Fax: 904.209.4286, Email: You may also write either of these contacts at City of St. Augustine, P.O. Box 210, St. Augustine, FL 32085-0210.

Consumer Confidence Report
The City of St. Augustine remains committed to providing clean and safe drinking water. For the previous year's sampling results please click here. To notify the city regarding water treatment concerns contact: Patrick Timoney, Water Treatment Plant Supervisor, Phn: 904.825.1044, Fax: 904.823-2280, Email:; or, or write the City of St. Augustine, P.O. Box 210, St. Augustine, FL 32085-0210.

Code Enforcement, Adjustments and Appeals Board

St. Augustine's Code Enforcement, Adjustments and Appeals Board (CEAAB) meets the second Tuesday of each month at 3 p.m. in The Alcazar Room at City Hall.

The seven members of the board are appointed by the city commission for a three year term and no member may serve more than two consecutive full terms.

The CEAAB hears cases presented by the building official, appropriate staff member or city attorney issues findings of fact, based on evidence of record and conclusions of law and then issues orders consistent with its powers. The CEAAB has the authority to subpoena alleged violators and witnesses and evidence to be presented at a hearing, take testimony under oath, and issue orders having the force of law to command whatever steps are necessary to bring a violation into compliance.

Qualifications: When possible shall include: an architect, business person, engineer, general contractor, subcontractor or Realtor.  Appointee must be a resident of the City of St. Augustine.

For a list of applications and forms click here.            Click here to get                                        

The current members of the CEAAB are:

Irene Arriola, Chair

81 Magnolia Ave.

St. Augustine, FL 32084


Cathy Brown

20 Sevilla St.

St. Augustine, FL 32084

William Rosenthal

37 Oak St.

St. Augustine, FL 32084

Dave Chatterton

466 Arricola Ave.

St Augustine, FL 32084

Judi Schuyler

7 Inlet Place

St. Augustine, FL 32080

Andrew Morgan

43 Cincinnati Ave.

St. Augustine, FL 3208

Chad K. Smith

56 Dufferin St.

St. Augustine, FL 32084


2012 Meeting Schedule and Application Deadline

Agendas are posted as soon as finalized. Minutes are posted after approval by the board. Inquires regarding draft versions of minutes should be directed to the Planning and Building Department at

Meeting date Application Deadline  
January 10 December 22* Agenda Minutes
February 14 January 27 Agenda Minutes
March 13 February 24 Agenda Minutes
April 10 March 23 Agenda Minutes
May 8 April 20 Agenda Minutes
June 12 May 25 Agenda Minutes
July 10 June 22 Agenda Minutes
August 14 July 27 Agenda Minutes
September 11 August 24 Agenda Minutes
October 9 September 21 Agenda Minutes
November 13* October 26 Agenda Minutes
December 11 November 21* Agenda Minutes

*Schedule changed due to holidays

Note: If links to documents are not functioning, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 904.825.1007 or by sending an email here.

To view the 2013 meeting calendar for the Code Enforcement, Adjustments and Appeals Board, click here.

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